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Dr. Judith Gabrielle Rabner , MS, RD

Hospital : Judith Gabrielle Rabner MS, RDNutritionist

About : Ms. Rabner is a dedicated, passionate, patient & family oriented registered dietitian nutritionist, serving clients from NYC & New Jersey from her Montclair, NJ. office. Similar expressions of thanks reflecting results like these are the driving forces for her in her practice. Unique & Experienced is the result of incredibly broad skills & experiences of Ms. Rabner. She has been a registered dietitian nutritionist for 22 years, but has lived much of her life using the power of proper nutrition to bring herself, her family & her clients towards health. These two phrases apply to Ms. Rabner’s multi-faceted credentials & experiences which she brings to providing nutritional advice to her patients. Ms. Rabner sees clients & provides them with meal plans, learning materials for obesity or weight control needs, immune system disorders, allergy issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, acid reflux, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, infertility, pregnancy, lactation issue & others. Her practice sees adults, young adults & children of all ages. Rabner has worked as a dietitian at world renowned medical centers Mount Sinai & NY Medical Centers. She has a Masters in Science of Nutrition, served as a clinical coordinator for an FDA study, & is a certified herbalist. Ms. Rabner has co-authored a book entitled “Delicious Real Food, A Guide to a Healthy Way of Life” (see, & has continued public lecturing on various nutritional topics.

Experience : 28 Years Of Experience in Registered Dietitian

Language : English, French

Dr. Sari Smolarz, CNS, CDN , MS

Hospital : Sari Smolarz

Insurance : Empire Plan

About : Sari is nationally certified as a Nutrition Specialist. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University

Experience : 20 years experience Blooming Wellness

Language : English

Dr. Humaira Quraishi , MS, ND

Hospital : Dr. Humaira Quraishi

About : Natuorpathic Doctor and Nutritionist

Experience : College of Naturopathic Medicine, Institute for Nutrition

Language : Hindi, English

Dr. Dima Yeshou , MD

Hospital : Dima Yeshou

Insurance : Cigna , Medicare

About : I had training at Beth Israel medical center followed by fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical center.

Experience : 15 yrs of experience

Language : English

Dr. Zalman Suldan , MD

Hospital : Zalman Suldan

About : .

Experience : 20 Years

Language : English

Dr. Julwel Kenney , PhD


About : Fertility treatments can be very stressful because so much is at stake. Dr. Kenney’s mission, as patients’ infertility coach, is to empower patients and parents-to-be, to withstand emotional turmoil of infertility treatments and support them as they progress on their journey to parenthood.  We are committed to creating a trusting, confidential environment and supportive relationship that encourages communication and focus and offer ways to navigate the emotional moods.  Create a safe environment to vent your feelings and emotions without judgement.  Explore the reasons behind negative emotions and discover new ways of understanding how patients thinking and perception can shift their point-of-views.  Discuss effective communication techniques to express patients’ feelings to enhance and build relationships.  We personally stand by patients’ side, hold their hand, and guide them to the end result. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT Our infertility coaching techniques help patients become more informed individuals, experience self-awareness, become stronger couples, and resilient infertility patients. Our coaching help develops patients’ resourcefulness and inner strength, reveals transforming awareness, and imparts a knowledge and a wisdom that patients use to make their infertility journey rewarding, unexpectedly smooth, and joyful. DR. JULWEL KENNEY If you are reading this highlight page, you may have patients on the infertility journey my husband and I experienced for over 25 years. We have found, during our infertility journey, unless a person has been down this road, it is extremely hard for an individual to understand the emotional rollercoaster, pain, grief, psychological trauma, disappointments, frustration, and stress couples or an individual may experience. It is important and beneficial to know and understand beforehand how infertility can affect your self-esteem and marriage while going through the process. Even though me and my husband have not conceived a child, through it all our marriage of 30 years is stronger now than ever before. We are still husband and wife, as well as best friends. Our goal is to help you build a strong marriage and relationship foundation that can weather your infertility journey. Dr. Kenney is a self-motivated, skilled, energetic, hardworking, ambitious, enthusiastic, goal and result-oriented leader who always strives for excellence. She has achieved a strong educational background which has culminated in a PhD, MS, and a BS to complement her leadership and personal development experiences. Fertility

Experience : Dr. Julwel Kenney is the coach, supporter, and friend infertile women and men need today. She works with clinics, pharmacies, and other types of fertility organizations to help them implement her innovative emotional support system, which is based on her

Language : English

Dr. Baron Kim , DPT

Hospital : Physical Therapy & Rehab Center

Insurance : Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna , Medicare , UnitedHealthcare Oxford

About : Baron graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned both his BS in Rehabilitation Science in 2016 and his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2019. During his time at the University of Pittsburgh, Baron gained experience working in a variety of physical therapy settings including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care, neurological/concussion, orthopedic, and workers compensation clinics. He also worked as a researcher at the Human Engineering Resource Labs to improve international wheelchair standards and provisions. As a homegrown Bergen County native from Hillsdale, NJ, Baron is proud to join Maywood and Emerson PT to serve the community he grew up in. Baron believes each patient should be treated as a unique individual in order to optimize their physical performance, and in turn, their quality of life. Baron looks to build upon his expertise with continuing education courses on manual therapy, TMJ treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, and postural restoration. In his free time, Baron enjoys playing the guitar, working out, playing sports, and traveling.

Experience : Maywood Physical Therapy

Language : English

Dr. Jose Espinosa , B.Sc, RD

Hospital : North Jersey Nutrition

About : I am a passionate dietitian who wants to help patients with their nutrition goals for overall health. Here at North Jersey Nutrition, I will work with you to help you individualize a plan that will work for you. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," Hippocrates.

Experience : 3 years experience working in the community and 2 years experience in private practice

Language : English, Spanish

Dr. Kevin Barry , PhD

Hospital : Kevin T Barry

Insurance : AARP, Aetna, Affinity Health Plan, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Empire BlueCross BlueShield HealthPlus, Empire Plan , GHI, MVP Health Care

About : psychotherapist

Experience : 30+ years

Language : English

Dr. Andrew Wysocki , LAc

Hospital : AW Acupuncture Herbs

About : I am an acupuncturist and herbalist that specializes in muscle skeletal pain: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. I also treat digestive disorders, weight loss, headaches, and anxiety.

Experience : I have experience working at four different clinics in New Jersey

Language : English