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Dr. Jason Neff , LAc

Hospital : Phoenix Acupuncture

About : Jason Neff, L.Ac is a specialist in the natural treatment of skin disease and other autoimmune disorders. He finished his formal studies in 2004, at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. Jason then completed a 4 year classical Taoist apprenticeship. And went on to become faculty at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. "I became interested in learning Dermatology because my oldest daughter had struggled with Psoriasis since her early teens. She didn’t react well to steroid creams and immune-suppressing drugs seemed extreme. Which leftover the counter creams and ointments which had little success." Searching for a way to naturally treat his daughter’s Psoriasis he began studying with Mazin Al Khafaji, a leading expert in Dermatology and Chinese medicine and went on to complete his prestigious dermatology diploma program. Dermatology in China is considered one of the oldest specialties in the world, existing since at least 300 BCE.

Experience : 16 Years